Executed Iranian nuclear scientist unfairly tried, said he was innocent: mother

Iranian security forces may have pressured nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, hanged last week for spying for the United States, to admit to crimes he did not commit, his mother said in an interview this week.


Amiri leapt to the global spotlight in 2010 when he claimed first that U.S. agents had abducted him and then that he was in the United States of his own free will.

The same year, he returned to Iran where he was welcomed as a hero but then detained and tried on charges that he divulged nuclear secrets.

“When I was saying goodbye to him before his execution, he told me not to be sad as he had done nothing wrong,” Marzieh Amiri told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“He asked me to tell everyone that he was innocent. He was saying his conscience was clear,” she said.

Her son’s closed-door trial was unfair and he was not properly represented, she said. She did not know the full name of the lawyer, who as a result could not be reached for comment. (full story)

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