By Yeganeh Torbati, Bozorgmehr Sharafedin and Babak Dehghanpisheh for Reuters When world powers agreed in 2015 to lift sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on its nuclear program, the deal’s supporters in the United States, Europe and Tehran hoped renewed trade and investment could boost Iran’s private sector and weaken the state’s hold on

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin and Ellen Francis for Reuters Iran’s government and entities close to the elite Revolutionary Guards have signed major economic contracts with Syria, reaping what appear to be lucrative rewards for helping President Bashar al-Assad regain control of parts of his country from rebels. An opposition group condemned the telecommunications and mining deals

Iran’s carpet makers are distancing themselves from their government in promoting their handmade work as they seek to regain valuable U.S. sales and protect jobs following the removal of economic sanctions. “Iranian carpets are produced by female and male weavers who are managed by the private sector, so the government does not have a big influence,” Hamid

Abandoning a long-standing reticence, Iranians are increasingly candid about their involvement in Syria’s war, and informal recruiters are now openly calling for volunteers to defend the Islamic Republic and fellow Shi’ites against Sunni militants.   With public opinion swinging behind the cause, numbers of would-be fighters have soared far beyond what Tehran is prepared to

Iran is gradually restoring banking links with the rest of the world by forging ties with smaller foreign institutions, even though large global banks are still holding back because of legal risks, Iranian officials and foreign bankers say. Since international sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme were lifted in January, the world’s big banks have continued

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Iran said it had reached an agreement with Boeing Co (BA.N) for the supply of jetliners on Tuesday, reopening the country’s skies to new U.S. aircraft for the first time in decades under an international deal to ease sanctions.   Details of the agreement were left vague, but Western and Middle East sources said that

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Iran’s parliament reconvenes in late May with dozens of greenhorn lawmakers who will hold the key to accelerating reforms to boost foreign investment and trade – but whether they make or break the modernization drive is hard to predict.   Elected in February, the 290-seat assembly replaces one dominated by hardliners suspicious of detente with the West

Iranian security forces may have pressured nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, hanged last week for spying for the United States, to admit to crimes he did not commit, his mother said in an interview this week.   Amiri leapt to the global spotlight in 2010 when he claimed first that U.S. agents had abducted him and

My report for Reuters: When Iran took delivery of the first parts of an advanced Russian air defense system this month, it paraded the anti-aircraft missile launchers sent by Moscow to mark Army Day. Tehran had cause to celebrate: the Kremlin’s decision a year ago to press ahead with the stalled sale of the S-300

My report for Reuters: Long used to lucrative state contracts, Iran’s biggest construction company faces leaner times, as overseas firms better able to attract financing push for orders in an economy trying to open to the world after years of sanctions. The misfortunes of Khatam al Anbia Construction Headquarters (KAA) are an unwelcome novelty for


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