By Karin Strohecker and me for Reuters: In February 2016, Helga Kern boarded a plane to Iran, registered with the depository to trade stocks and within weeks opened a broker account and started buying shares, all with the aim of launching an Iran fund for Western investors. But on the eve of Friday’s presidential election in Iran,

my reporting for Reuters: President Hassan Rouhani’s trip to the coal mine in northern Iran was all going to plan, until the crowd massed in front of his car chanting “it’s a day of mourning for workers”. Seconds later, shaky footage of Sunday’s protest showed a man jumping onto the bonnet and stamping hard on

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, Laurence Frost and Edward Taylor for Reuters: French carmakers PSA (PEUP.PA) and Renault (RENA.PA) are turning their U.S. absence into an Iranian advantage by piling into a resurgent market still off-limits to foreign rivals fearful of sanctions under Donald Trump’s administration. The French investment has been seized upon by Iranian President Hassan

By Bozorgmehr Sharafedin and Ellen Francis for Reuters Iran’s government and entities close to the elite Revolutionary Guards have signed major economic contracts with Syria, reaping what appear to be lucrative rewards for helping President Bashar al-Assad regain control of parts of his country from rebels. An opposition group condemned the telecommunications and mining deals

Iran’s carpet makers are distancing themselves from their government in promoting their handmade work as they seek to regain valuable U.S. sales and protect jobs following the removal of economic sanctions. “Iranian carpets are produced by female and male weavers who are managed by the private sector, so the government does not have a big influence,” Hamid

Iran is gradually restoring banking links with the rest of the world by forging ties with smaller foreign institutions, even though large global banks are still holding back because of legal risks, Iranian officials and foreign bankers say. Since international sanctions over Iran’s nuclear programme were lifted in January, the world’s big banks have continued

My report for Reuters: Long used to lucrative state contracts, Iran’s biggest construction company faces leaner times, as overseas firms better able to attract financing push for orders in an economy trying to open to the world after years of sanctions. The misfortunes of Khatam al Anbia Construction Headquarters (KAA) are an unwelcome novelty for

My piece for Reuters: Iran plans to turn itself into a major food exporter, hoping the lifting of sanctions will boost international trade and allow investment in the agricultural sector, an official in Iran’s state grain buying agency said. “We are ready for a big leap in the post-sanctions era. We hope by removing the

My reporting for Reuters: Tehran-based e-commerce firm Takhfifan found it impossible to attract foreign investment when it launched in 2011 but it took only two days for a potential foreign investor to get in touch after sanctions on Iran were lifted. “When I was launching my company I talked to several foreign investors but none

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My interview with Iran’s deputy agriculture minister for Reuters: Iran’s state grain buying agency, the Government Trading Corporation (GTC), said on Tuesday lifting sanctions would help bring the cost of imported wheat down by as much as 30 percent. In an interview with Reuters on the sidelines of the 26th Annual IAOM Mideast and Africa Conference


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